Worldwide Marriage Custom

The day of your wedding is a time for good friends and family to come together and watch a couple commit their particular lives to each other. It’s also a day of tradition and ceremonies, many of which are lighthearted and funny, while some are taken very seriously and not to be mocked.

Some of these traditions have been around intended for hundreds of years and are still in practice today, although some have become modern trends. Right from jumping over a broom to seeing your future spouse naked before the marriage ceremony, we’ve gathered a few of the world’s oddest marriage tradition so you might check out.

From Belgium to Papua New Guinea, these wedding ceremony traditions travel a little bit more excessive than simply throwing rice and flower petals. In Papua New Guinea, men paint their body systems with down, sing mating cries trying to woo the female members of the group in a habit known as the Sing-Sing. Once the bride accepts the proposal, the groom requires her on a retraite to the wedding party venue, which can involves him being hoisted on the shoulder muscles of different men inside the village.

Before the service in a matrilineal society, customers of the bride’s family offer her a silver dollars as a sign of their like for her. If perhaps she retains it throughout her life, irrational belief says she is going to never experience financial difficulties. In China, a prospective husband shoots his bride having a bow and (head-less) arrow, collecting every arrow and breaking all of them during the wedding service, to ensure that all their love usually lasts forever.

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